Our Minister Janice recently became aware of a 12 year old from Laos living in extreme poverty, he was homeless and orphaned. She suggested to mission partner, Andrew Hepburn, that it may be possible to find a sponsor for this young boy.   One thing led to another and not only was a sponsor found for this one child, but for a further 12 children.

The cost is only £6.25 pr month, which provides each child with shelter, an education, food and school books. These young people are from very rural areas with no secondary school nearby.  Andrew forged a working partnership with a town centre Church and a hostel was developed within the Church to house these young people safely and enable them to attend the nearby school.

We are excited about this new strand of Ministry. If each of our 12 sponsors encourage a friend, then we could very quickly give hope to another 12 young people.  We truly believe that education is the route out of poverty and also gives some protection to children at risk of being trafficked.

By the grace of God this strand of ministry will develop throughout this year. If anyone reading this is interested in giving hope to an impoverished child, please get in touch.


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