Fisherman's Banners presented to Church

       Banners which were once paraded through Fisherrow, during the famous Fishermen’s Walk, have found a new home in our Church. Members of the fishing community joined Rev Janice Andrews and the congregation to mark the occasion on Sunday 22nd September 2013.
     Established in the 1790s, the Fishermen’s Walk was held annually in September as a means of raising money to help fishing families in times of need. As the years progressed, it became a celebration involving the whole community.Traditionally, the men and boys would walk behind the banner of the Fisherrow Fisherman’s Friendly Society, while the women and girls would follow the Lady Hope Banner.


The last walk was last held in 1997 and the banners were put on display at Fisherrow Coast Mission, until it closed a few years later.
They were finally brought out of storage and handed over to the Congregational Church during the Musselburgh Festival Harbour Ceremony.

Jamie Fairnie, a member of the only remaining working Fisherrow fishing family was delighted to present the banners on behalf of the fishing community.He said “A lot of the Fishermen attended the Congregational Church and many of them were elders as well as parishioners.”“It is also the oldest church in Musselburgh, built in 1801 with stones carried by the fishermen and sailors from the shores of the Firth. We thought it fitting that the banners should be displayed in a church built by fishermen.”

The church is delighted to have the opportunity to give them a home and to put them on show for people to see.


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