New Child Sponsorship Project


In January 2020 Janice became aware of a young boy in Laos who was described as being particularly poor.   He had no home, shelter or education, no father or means of provision.   Each day was simply about finding enough food to survive.

A child in desperate circumstances like this shall never thrive.   This boy was full of potential but with no opportunities, it was a hopeless situation.   Janice suggested finding a sponsor for this child and this led to the idea of child sponsorship for impoverished children in Laos, particularly orphans.   

This was the beginning of something new and exciting. This boy called Pheng is now living in a hostel, he is warm, safe, well fed and goes to school each day.  Since Pheng was partnered with a sponsor another 20 children have been connected in this way.

Surely this work is fulfilling the mission statement of our Church

“Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me”.   Matthew 25: 40

This work continues, many children and families being blessed. Just yesterday 7/4/21 Janice received a donation of £50 for the work in Laos.   Later that day Andrew contacted her to tell her about a child who had been admitted to hospital,his parents were desperately worried as they could not afford to pay for his treatment, the £50 covered this in full.

Thanks be to God for all that He is doing to provide for impoverished children in Laos.

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The outreach group is embarking on a new partnership.

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