Our Mission partner is Andrew Hepburn of Empathy International.   We contribute to the following projects in Laos SE Asia.

Mushroom Farm

Pig Farm

Fish Farm

Piggy Bank

Sewing and Weaving Project

All of these projects are designed to upskill the impoverished rural community. Training gives families the means to grow their own food which leads to a sustainable income. This sustainability leads to children being less vulnerable to being trafficked into neighbouring China and Thailand. One young girl was sold to a Chinese family when her Father died leaving her Mother with no means of support. This 8 year old girl was “bought back” by Empathy for £25. Through support and training her Mum is now able to grow her own food and has been trained in sewing and weaving. At the end of this training she was presented with her own sewing machine and is making clothes for her family and items for her home. She also sews on behalf of others which has created a small income stream which is sufficient to provide for herself and her children.    This one of many success stories of the rural poor being supported and equipped to be self sufficient.    

Empathy does not give hand outs, Empathy empowers people to be self sustaining.

Our connection with Empathy began through Janice’s friendship with Liz Gilchrist. Liz’s daughter Rachel worked with Empathy in Laos. Rachel died in her early 20’s but the seeds she planted continue to blossom, as Liz creates awareness of the needs of the people of Laos, and this need is responded to by Churches throughout Scotland. The outreach group of Musselburgh Congregational prepare throughout the year to supply Liz with many practical and comforting items for the community. These include flip flops, clothes, blankets for newborn babies, hand crafted puppets and toys for the children to play with. Liz travels to Laos only with a backpack for herself, and with two huge suitcases full of gifts for the community. Janice contributes in a personal way through gifting all profits from her writing to Liz. Her target is to raise £1,000 by the end of 2019. In 2018 she raised £600. She does this through speaking engagement, sharing her journey into Ministry, into writing, and into mission, which leads to book sales. Every penny goes to Liz, there are no costs, no admin, no commission. It is wonderful to send love and smiles to the precious little children of Laos, may God bless this wonderful work of Empathy. We feel very privileged to support this work in Rachel’s memory and hope and pray that this is a long lasting and fruitful partnership.

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