Mission Projects

Jeel Al Amal
Jeel Al Amal is a school and orphanage for boys, based in Bethany. The youngsters are from Jerusalem, and from towns and villages in the Palestinian territories. Many are orphans and all have endured terrible domestic problems. The children receive an education through the Palestinian authorities, however the orphanage and many other services are sustained through generous donations and fundraising. Our Church is helping with fundraising by manufacturing crafts which they can then sell to Tourists. Our Minister made contact with the Orphanage on a recent pilgrimage and also has a contact in Fife who visits the orphanage regularly and is happy to take the goods out to Israel.
Al Shurooq School

The purpose of the Al Shurooq School for the Blind is to enable blind people in Palestine to become self sufficient and productive members of society. It is based in Bethlehem and provides total care and education for children aged from two upwards, who are brought to them. Some pay a small contribution towards their upkeep, as their families are able, but many are from very poor families or have been abandoned. The role our Church plays here is to make sensory educational toys, for example shapes made with different fabrics and with buttons on each side (like a dice) to help the children with numeracy. This is just one of many ideas that we have to support the work of the blind school.

If you are interested in finding out more about the outreach work of our Church please contact minister@musselburghcongregational.org.uk for further information. Or better still, come along to the Outreach group which is held in our Church Hall on Monday evenings at 7.00 pm.


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